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hollister outlet online Children , I want to say to you :

Your mother face bathed in tears , listening to her a few times because of choking breath tuneless voice, looking at her several times to force a smile , cry even more correct than the sad heart , I have to say to you . Because I've never seen your mother so fragile . In our minds, your mother has been a strong and optimistic . Today, you are your mother's strong and he was defeated , and defeated. At this point, I think in any case had to say to you , no matter what I said there is no use to you , I say to you there is no meaning.

Children , even though two of your seven meters tall and handsome head , but after all you were a child . Maybe you think you have grown up, but in the eyes of your parents was a childish , worldly children, after all, you are only 16 years old.

Child, when your mother told me tearfully her fears , anxiety , the so distraught when you lousy final examination will tell you mother , you can hear your mother's heart broken voice, you you can see your mother's heart is bleeding ? Maybe you disagree, perhaps you think this is a big deal . But your mother proud , confident and thoroughly defeated, defeated mess. Six months ago, your mother hold much hope for hollister outlet online you , that he intended to give you a better learning environment , so you can fly higher and farther , even desperate to find someone to care relationships , gifts will you find someone to XX one, for what is ? You know your mother ran a taxi all day long , vapid life to make money for what ? She could not bear their own food and drink, he wears good clothes , but for you to spend thousands , tens of thousands do not hesitate . Because you do not want your future mother like her hard, she wants you in the future promising . Your mother will all hope is pinned on your body, but you have so easily shattered her dreams , her hopes will be cut off , which is not too cruel ?

Children , where we first put aside your mother did not say , I just want to talk about the heart, can you tell Aunt recent academic performance plummeted in the end what is the purpose ? You give the final exam scores give a reasonable explanation?

Children, I do not want to beat about the bush , we go directly to the theme of it . I think: the recent plummeting grades and your puppy love are not unrelated , right ? Or is the direct cause , you will not oppose it? Children, puppy love for your question , please allow me to express my own views. Although I disagree with puppy love high school students , but I also like your mother never considered the "scourge " and scared . Aunt just think you do not correctly handle the relationship between learning hollister outlet online and good feelings . With your foundation with your strength , with your intelligence, anyway you do not use this result to the " return" your mother. Maybe you think you've grown up, you have the right and freedom to pursue their own feelings. But you thought not, and now high school for three years, is the most important stage of their studies . If there is a little distracted thinking , your future will be fatal impact. Your mother's fears , anxiety is not unreasonable. Your mother Gentle persuasion ignore the extreme frustration , you find your mother, teacher , teacher hopes to give you a little hand pressure ( of course I disagree with the way your mother ) or with little success. Or head teacher of your child's age this puppy love long flattering. No way, your mother found me and asked me if I had any way to help you. I also know the emotional thing by any means are futile , but I can not let your mother ignore any of its natural right . Of course, your mother is impossible to turn a blind eye . Use your mother 's words : "I watched the children jump into the pit of fire , but I can not do anything ." This is the mother of any one thing can not be tolerated . In order to prevent your mother with all sorts of excesses way to save you , I suggest you find one of the most respected teachers in mind , the idea of ​​doing your job . Finally, she found a middle school teacher you are , who you are proud of your class , and it is most proud of the students . You also promised to stop the teacher must as far as possible , to pull down the homework fill up . A month later , the results did not achieve any of your progress . Then your mother really anxious. She found me: " I ​​really Meizhe , which I give him a transfer ." I was denied the practice of your mother . Think she had to put you focus on key middle classes , spent much effort, hollister outlet online you know ! ? ( Prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

Child, you must have a recent love everything you loved mother has many unhappy , even rebellious , so that you come away from home with your parents protest . Kids, you know , this is your mother's heart with a knife to poke your way ! Did you ever think your mother suffered the torment of the past six months , suffered mental torture is the number of serious. Your mother was how good a strong person. We met ten years, I have never seen her shed a tear , had never seen her so vulnerable . This time, however , the mere mention of you , like a river of tears , like flooding. She told me that as long as you can change his mind , brink , immediately let her die , she willingly.

Children, if you hear this sentence , what would you hollister outlet online feel ? When you see your mother 's eyes when it will not help to think. I clearly hear your mother's heart broken squeak ; I clearly see your mother's heart has been out of bright red blood , will drown everything ......

Children, we Leaving aside for their own parents, we only think about the future and for their future .

Puppy love for your question , I do not want to interfere too much , I just think you do not properly handle the relationship between the two. Your sixteen -year-old children , it is Qingdouchukai teenagers , you desire with the opposite sex which is normal. You find your favorite from the hundreds of people of the opposite sex , and known to have been considered , this is a fortunate thing . You desire to love and be loved , just like the sun and rain as the grass needs . I also envy as Aunt innocent feelings you have , and I sincerely hope that you are really in love . However, you must grasp the sense of proportion , to calm the mind . Do not let love burned reason. You should not have to spend a great time drawing near, falling in love , mutual love letter writing , playing the drama play . You should encourage each other and progress together, mutually agreed , a hollister outlet online good fight for the future three years , and so you are on your own favorite university, college campuses in hand , which would be wonderful and romantic thing. Besides, after all, you are still very small , emotional foundation is not stable, you know what love is it? Love is not just the passion between them , it is a responsibility and obligation. If you really love each other, they should give you a future and create good physical condition .

Children love a flower , she would be sure to give the soil nutrients , sunlight to her , give her fertilizing watering. If you leave the soil of a flower can live it? No tree can result spend it?

Children, aunts shiver today how much, maybe you had wearies , but aunt still hope you can finish this letter seriously . Because I learned from you one , two years old when you witness the lively childish, five , six years old when that experience before you naughty naughty ; 11 or 12 you know witnessed over ceremony , fourteen, five have seen your sunshine handsome. You have always been the best,hollister outlet online I'm sure you can handle the problem of learning and personal feelings . I hope tomorrow you more tall, handsome , lovely sunshine , more glamorous !

I wish you to learn and progress !

Love your aunt

February 2014